Leiner shoes - A brief history

Leiner Shoes Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Gautam and Deepika Mehra in 1989. The company is committed to creating high quality fashion footwear for women and has been in the business of footwear manufacture and export since its inception. Leiner Shoes Pvt. Ltd. currently has 2 manufacturing facilities in India having a total production capacity of 840,000 pairs per year.

The retail arm of the business was set up in 1996. The brand Vanilla Moon was born in 2003. Vanilla Moon Fashion Pvt Ltd was later established in the UK to promote Vanilla Moon in Europe. Today Vanilla Moon shoes are sold in countries across the globe - England, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, USA, South Africa, Japan, Australia and India.

Leiner Shoes Pvt. Ltd. remains committed to social compliance, responsible business practices and superior quality and has received ISO 9001:2008 and SA 8000 certifications. The company is also a member of Sedex. In January 2014, Leiner Shoes Pvt. Ltd. received an Export Excellence Award from the Indian Council of Leather Exports.

The company is driven by a philosophy of excellence that forms it core. The products made are the direct result of fine attention to detail involving extensive research, development and quality controlled manufacturing processes.